Adopt a Long Term Care Facility in your area

Your church could make a significant difference to a long term health care facility in your community. Choose a facility close to your church or one that has special meaning for your church.

When you have identified a facility you would like to “adopt”, contact us below to let us know!  We want to watch for ways that multiple churches might be able to work together to bless a facility in their area!

How can you serve these facilities and their staff?


Keep the residents and staff in your prayers. Identify a contact person and get to know their needs. Let them know you are praying for them and perhaps you may wish to organize a prayer walk around the home.


Bless the staff with a gift of food. Organize a delivery of food from a local restaurant. Or you could ask the facility if they accept home-made food contributions before delivering.

Personal Touches

Cards and flowers may be a welcome gesture but you can also be creative in your expressions of appreciation in the weeks to come while observing restrictions.


Long Term Health Care Facilities in the Ottawa Area


Long Term Care FacilityArea of CityAddressPhoneContact
Almonte Country Haven West333 Country St., Almonte, ON613-256-3095 ext
Carleton Lodge South55 Lodge Rd, Ottawa, ON613-580-2953
Carlingview Manor Central2330 Carling Ave, Ottawa,
Centre d'accueil Champlain East275 Perrier Ave, Ottawa, ON613-746-3543
Elisabeth Bruyere Residence Central75 Bruyère St, Ottawa, ON613-562-6262 ext
Fairview Manor West75 Spring St, Almonte, ON613-256-3113 ext
Forest Hill West6501 Campeau Dr, Kanata, ON613-599-1991
Garden Terrace West100 Aird Place, Kanata, ON613-254-9702
Garry J Armstrong Home Central200 Island Lodge Rd, Ottawa,
Grace Manor (Salvation Army) Central1156 Wellington St W, Ottawa,
Granite Ridge Care Community West5501 Abbott St E, Stittsville,
Hillel Lodge - Bess and Moe Greenberg / Jewish Home for Aged Central10 Nadolny Sachs Priv, Ottawa,
Laurier Manor East1715 Montreal Rd, Ottawa,
Longfields Manor Long Term Care Central330 Beatrice Dr, Nepean,
Madonna Care Community East1541 St Joseph Blvd, Orléans,
Marochel Manor East949 Montreal Rd, Ottawa,
Medex Central1865 Baseline Rd, Ottawa,
Monfort Long Term Care Centre East705 Montreal Rd, Ottawa, ON613-746-8602 ext 222
New Orchard Lodge Central99 New Orchard Ave N, Ottawa,
Osgoode Care Centre South7650 Snake Island Rd, Metcalfe, ON
Perley Rideau Seniors Village South1750 Russell Rd, Ottawa,
Peter D Clark Bungalows Central9 Meridian Place, Ottawa,
Peter D Clark Maple Central9 Meridian Place, Ottawa,
Peter D Clark Pine Central9 Meridian Place, Ottawa,
Peter D Clark Elm Central9 Meridian Place, Ottawa,
Peter D Clark Willow Central9 Meridian Place, Ottawa,
Sarsfield Colonial HomeEast2861 Colonial Rd, Ottawa,
St. Louis Residence (Bruyere Orleans) East879 Hiawatha Park Rd, Ottawa, ON613-562-6262 ext
St. Patrick's Home of Ottawa Central2865 Riverside Dr, Ottawa,
Starwood Central114 Starwood Rd, Ottawa,
The Glebe Centre Central77 Monk St, Ottawa,
The Royal Long Term Care Home Central1141 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON613-722-6521 ext
Villa Marconi Long Term Care Centre Central1026 Baseline Rd, Ottawa, ON613-727-6201
West End Villa Central2179 Elmira Dr, Ottawa,
Bayfield Manor Outside Ottawa100 Elvira St W, Kemptville,
Dundas Manor Nursing Home Outside Ottawa533 Clarence St, Winchester,
Foyer St. Jacques Nursing Home East915 Notre-Dame, C.P. 870, Embrun,
Le Genesis - Foyer St-Viateur Outside Ottawa1003 Limoges Rd, Limoges,
Osgood Care Centre South7650 Snake Island Rd, Metcalfe,
Centre d'hébergement d'Aylmer (CHSLD Renaissance) Gatineau445, boul. Wilfrid-Lavigne, Gatineau QC819 966-6440
Centre d'hébergement Ernest-Brisson (CHSLD Bon Sejour) Gatineau134, rue Jean-René-Monette, Gatineau QC819 966-6450
CHSLD Lionel-Émond (Foyer du Bonheur) Gatineau125, boul. Lionel-Émond, Gatineau QC819 966-6410
Centre d'hébergement Vallée-de-la-Lièvre Gatineau111, rue Gérard-Gauthier, Gatineau QC819 986-1043
Centre d'hébergement Vigi de l'Outaouais Gatineau565, boul. de l'Hôpital, Gatineau QC819 568-7434
CHSLD Champlain Gatineau Gatineau510, boul. de La Vérendrye Est, Gatineau QC819 966-7331 p.1302
CHSLD La Pietà Gatineau272, rue Laurier, Gatineau QC819 966-6420